Translation is our passion: expressing your message in another language in the best possible way, to faithfully render your company’s spirit and identity.

Akab: our style

We are a new Language Service Provider of high-quality and high-tech customised services.

A young company with plenty of experience and know-how to offer, always up to date with the latest innovations in technology, trends in the industry and on-going updating, characterised by a clear, ethical way of doing business with clients and suppliers.

Translating professionally

Translation is our core business. Seen from outside, this may seem like a simple task. But in actual fact an effective translation requires a process that can be very complex, based on three key pillars:

Attentive, dependable Project Management

Careful selection of human resources

Advanced technology

Project Manager

Project manager translationAttentive, competent Project Management is the key to success. The Project Manager guarantees prompt service aimed at achieving full customer satisfaction.

The Project Manager who will be in charge of your project will gauge and, if necessary, rationalise your expectations, suggesting the best solution for your needs. He or she will organise the work on the basis of well-established, standardised methods and workflows, customising them to suit your company.

The Project Manager chooses the process, human resources and tools to be used in a combination customised to meet your needs and monitors every step in the project from close up using an advanced Project Management tool. If you continue to work with us, this person will be your contact for organising all your documentation; he or she will be at your disposal at all times, without adding to your company’s overhead.

Our Project Managers stand out for their ability to listen, flexibility and impressive problem-solving skills.

Human resources

Professional translationWe recognise that the added value of services depends on the human factor.

A quality translation requires experience not only in the field the company works in, but also in the type of communication required and in the formats in which the document is written. This is why it is important to be able to count on a vast pool of translators, in order to choose the best resource for each type of translation.

Our translators are all native speakers with a solid cultural background and advanced professional skills acquired over years working in the field of linguistic services, using the most advanced tools available on the market.

We know how to choose the best translators to meet your specific requirements.

Advanced technology

CAT translationOur Project Managers are experts in the most common CAT tools, which we use in the context of a wider-ranging, customised plan. In addition to years of experience using CAT tools every day, they have undergone a certified training programme, qualifying for SDL Trados certification at a number of different levels.

These tools offer countless benefits for a business:

Re-use of material that has already been translated
Uniform style and terminology
Simplification of the process of setting up layout


Privacy translationOur professionalism is your guarantee of confidentiality.

Our data processing methods guarantee the utmost confidentiality for all the information we receive.

Information is used exclusively in the context of our professional services. All our internal and external partners are likewise committed to keeping material strictly confidential.

At the end of the work cycle, files are stored in a maximum security system, organised to permit immediate traceability.