Elia ND Focus days for executives

The two-day Networking Days for Executives event organized by Elia – European Language Industry Association – was held recently (21-22 April) in the splendid setting of Majorca’s Cap Formentor.

We were thrilled to take part in an event which gave us the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with colleagues operating on different markets. Each with their own specific characteristics, but all sharing the same passion for their work.

A highly innovative format centred on “Business Strategies” and “Mergers & Acquisitions” facilitated an in-depth discussion of the problems, risks and very real choices facing language service providers today. As well as exchanging opinions and ideas at the various round tables, participants were also given plenty of time and opportunity to talk to each other and network.

On the second day of the event, the results of an interesting survey – “2016 Language Industry Survey” – carried out by Elia, European Master’s in Translation, EUATC, GALA and LIND, were presented.

The survey provides those of us working in the industry with a useful tool to help us analyse translation market trends (particularly in Europe) and reflect on our own business strategy.

All good things come to an end, and after a stimulating two days in which we made new friends and acquaintances, we returned home enriched, and ready to take on fresh challenges with renewed energy.

Studio 2014 – What’s new?

How to define the new SDL Studio 2014 just launched and presented by SDL in Milan, in the 17 October roadshow?

Simple, fast, intelligent

Just a few words, but they could make a big difference in the everyday routine of LSPs and translators. The outlook for the translation market is still very good. There is more and more content to be translated, and it shows no sign of decreasing. But the amount of time and especially the budget for translation are increasingly limited. Technology can help solve these problems.

SDL has taken this need into account in designing the new version of its leading CAT tool, offering a new and easy environment, inspired by MS Word, in which even new users should feel at home.

Project managers’ and translators’ work has been enhanced with new functions, such as more accurate filters, quicker analysis of single documents, more efficient pretranslation and virtual merging of multiple files to allow project managers and translators to identify the parts actually requiring translation with greater precision and reduce time-consuming and unproductive activities, focusing attention on the most important aspects of their profession to save a lot of time.

Moreover, autosaving, drag & drop functions, automatic concordance searches and integration of the alignment function into the translation environment are new smart aids in the task of translation.

Studio 2014 is part of a wider panorama which includes GroupShare and BeGlobal.

GroupShare is a shared translation environment that allows you to share memories, glossaries and project management. Inspired by the team collaboration trends increasingly common in the world of translation today, Groupshare allows translators to increase the percentage of reusable texts in real time, saving time and money.

BeGlobal is the most revolutionary and stimulating part of this new scenario. Much more than a machine translation engine, it allows LSPs and translation agencies to “train” the baseline engine, customizing it by domain or even by customer. With accurate and professional training, machine translation output can achieve a fair level of quality, requiring only a reasonable amount of post-editing. BeGlobal should not be considered an alternative to human translation, but an additional tool available to translators, integrated in the CAT environment in which they are used to working.

The conditions for an astonishing improvement in the performance of this tool are all present. It is now up to you and your professional skills to make the best possible use of them.

If you require large volumes of translations, please contact us; we can find a way to help you cut your costs by taking advantage of the many opportunities offered by these new technologies.

Partnership Adobe Reseller

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