We have the language skills and organization to offer you high quality professional translation services for all kinds of documents in all languages.

Specialised translation

Every human activity involves translation; more and more so as all kinds of services are increasingly globalised. Fewer and fewer businesses are limiting their scope to within national borders, and they need to communicate in languages other than their own with customers and suppliers abroad. Analyse your company’s requirements to get an idea of the opportunities that internationalisation has to offer.

All parts of the business stand to benefit from multilingual communications; the service can be useful in the technical office, legal affairs, finance and public relations.

A single partner can help you coordinate all aspects of language services, optimising processes and above all creating a standardised vocabulary that will be identified with your company, in all languages.

We offer professional translation services for all kinds of documents in any language.

Technical documents

We have vast experience translating all kinds of technical documents, particularly technical manuals.

  • Does your new product line require translation or updating of user and installation manuals?
  • Does new legislation require you to update your installation, maintenance and service manuals?
  • Do you need to extend these updates to your technical data sheets or operating instructions?
  • Do you need to translate documents for presentation in a call for tenders?

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Economic and financial documents

financial translationEconomic and market trends, business plans and information prospectuses must be translated by specialised economic/financial translators.

Use of appropriate terminology is essential. In this sector it is often important to discuss the terminology already in use with the client to make sure that the same terms are maintained.

Translation of IFRS financial statements and other documents (quarterly, half-year and annual reports) is required periodically, and agreeing on the terminology to use is the first step towards full satisfaction of your requirements.

Medical and scientific documents

Medical translation

Manuals and operating instructions for electrical medical devices often require more than just ordinary translation. They must be checked by a reviewer with experience in the field to guarantee accurate translation. The pharmaceuticals industry also requires compliance with certain standards which also determine format (such as UNIFARM).

Our network of translators allows us to supply related services such as sworn translation and authentication.

Legal documents

Sworn translation

Translation of legal documents (contracts, proceedings, notarial deeds, regulations, norms, statutes, civil and penal lawsuits, sentences, patents… ) requires the services of a professional translator who is not only a native speaker of the target language but experienced in the field and capable of clarifying the differences between the legislation in effect in different countries.

Akab can also provide assistance with related legal services.

Sworn translation, authentication and consularization

Sworn translation consists of certification of the accuracy and completeness of a translation before a public official at the District Magistrate’s Court.  The service is provided by professional translators who go to the appropriate office in person, or, if specifically requested, the service can be performed by an expert registered in the Role of Technical Consultants of the Court and the Role of Experts of the Chamber of Commerce.

This service may be requested for corporate documents (title searches, chamber of commerce registration, powers of attorney, statutes, financial statements, instruction leaflets for the pharmaceutical industry) or for personal documents (drivers’ licenses, certificates of civil status, residency permits, diplomas and other educational qualifications, sentences and court documents, wills, certificates of adoption).

Authentication requires sworn translation, and its purpose is to make the sworn document legally valid, attesting to the legal qualifications of the public official who signed the sworn document and the authenticity of the signature.

This service is provided in the offices of the Public Prosecutor and requires at least 3 business days in addition to the time required for translation and certification of accuracy.

Related services – Audio&Video Translation

Subtitles translation

Do not hesitate to contact us regarding any other language services you may require. We’re sure to have the answer to your needs.

  • Audio and video transcription – in all languages and characters
  • Audio and video translation – the audio is transcribed and then translated
  • Dubbing – from translation to adaptation with time coding and dubbing synchronised with the movements of the lips or as a voiceover by professional native speakers
  • Subtitling
  • Text entry – in all languages and characters, including alphabets other than the Latin one (Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew)