Technological Skill

Language skills alone are not enough; they must be accompanied by advanced technology. Language services and desktop publishing are continually evolving and require constant attention to keep up with new developments.

We always use the latest release of leading programmes to make sure we offer the best available functions. And that’s not all.

We’re in the front lines of experimentation with new tools offering cutting-edge solutions that meet your needs. This little bit of added value can make all the difference in giving you an edge over your competitors.

Language skills
Cutting-edge solutions

Computer-Aided Translation (CAT)

cat translation

Computer-Aided Translation or CAT programmes are applications developed specifically to optimise the translation process, completing and supporting the translator’s work.

CAT tools are based on creation and continual updating of translation memories (or TMs) and glossaries which become part of an organised workflow. Use of these tools offers a business countless benefits:

  • Reuse of material that has already been translated
  • Uniformity of style and terminology
  • Simplification of layout

All this saves time and money, even while improving quality.

But just using a CAT programme is not enough. What really makes the difference is experienced, attentive use.

Our Project Managers are thoroughly familiar with the most widely used CAT tools, and use them in the context of a wider-ranging customised plan. In addition to consolidated experience acquired over years using CAT tools every day, they have undergone a certified training programme, going through various levels of SDL Trados certification.

We create a memory and a glossary specific to your company for use in subsequent translations. The results become clear immediately, and above all they grow exponentially with time, expanding as you add more and more translations.

Machine Translation (MT)

MT translation

This is the great turning point in the world of translation. People have been working on it for decades (since the ’50s), but not until recent years has machine translation offered decent results and become known among the general public.

It’s easy to use in everyday life, to get the gist of a review or a blog post. But its use in business is a much more delicate matter, deserving special attention.

Often viewed with suspicion and perplexity, machine translation is wrongly considered poor quality.

But different does not mean lower quality: you need to decide what level of quality (and cost) is right for you.

Seen without prejudice, machine translation can be a valuable ally, provided it is part of a professional project: a process involving analysis of requirements to obtain the maximum benefits from everything this powerful new technology can offer.

Once again, human professionalism combined with technological innovation yields the best results.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Software translation

The multitude of different types of documents requiring translation is mirrored in the myriad available desktop publishing formats.

Each business chooses the most suitable format for its requirements, and translators must be capable of working with it.

With the aid of our skilled graphics and layout staff, backed up by experience using computer assisted translation (CAT) systems, we guarantee professional translation of your company’s documents into foreign languages without altering the original file format.

Whichever desktop publishing programme your company uses, the translated documents will be delivered back to you in the same format as the original, adapting the layout to the dimensions and features of the target language.

This conformity is not limited to individual documents, but includes compliance with the specifications of your company’s corporate image or the job options required by your printer.

DTP Software we work with:

Adobe FrameMaker
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe PageMaker

Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Fireworks
Adobe Flash

Macromedia FreeHand


MacroMedia Freehand

Office package